7 things students need to know about Saxion Library

Some never get there, other students have been there for days: Saxion Library. One thing is for sure, the library has many fans within Saxion. So it is quite a convenient spot. Especially if you know how to make optimal use of it. We briefly summed it up for you. Go check!

  1. You’ll find Saxion Library in Deventer behind the central hall in the C wing. In Enschede, the library is on the second and third floors of Forum. Is there something in Apeldoorn too? Definitely! To the right of the main entrance, behind the restaurant.
  2. If you think you can only find books and magazines at the library, we have good news for you: the library offers a lot more! Through the website, you can access more than 100 databases. These contain information exclusively for Saxion students and staff that you cannot find via Google. So if you are really serious about finding information, it is a missed opportunity if you do not take advantage of these databases. Let’s get digital!
  3. As a student, you are automatically a member of Saxion Library. Your digital student card is your library card. Handy! You may borrow 10 books at the same time. You can take them home for 3 weeks. The catalogue also contains many digital magazines. Whether you are studying abroad, in a café around the corner or at home, no worries! Via Lean Library you can access digital resources from anywhere. Paper magazines can also be found in the Library.
  4. Saxion Library’s online catalogue is the site, where you can see exactly which books the library has on its shelves. What do you do if you study in Deventer and need a book from Enschede? No need to get on the train: you can simply have the book brought to Deventer and return it there. The other way round is also possible, of course. The library will arrange it for you.
  5. The library is a pleasant place to study. There are workstations for groups and tables where you can study individually, with plenty of sockets for your laptop. In all branches there are special zones where it is completely quiet. Very convenient if you really need to study for that one exam. You can also reserve study spaces for yourself or a group in advance.
  6. The library’s opening hours are quite generous. On most days, you can even go there into the early evening. Check the opening hours here! Of course, the digital library is open 24/7.
  7. Finally, the best tip! The library has a super cool service for when you are working on your thesis. Make an appointment for Thesis Support! An Information Specialist will check your bibliography together with you: did you search in the right sources and did you process everything according to APA style? But make an appointment in time, because this service is very popular!

Like to know more? Ask your questions at the front desk, via chat or send an email to libraryservices@saxion.nl.