Copyright is a subject that applies to all Saxion students and staff members. While creating a product in terms of literature, science or art, and using citations, images or footage, please be aware of a correct use of copyrights, as well as your own rights.

Easy Access Agreement: multiple citation

Lecturers, would you like to make use of 50 pages or more from a resource in your class or program? Then please pay attention!

According to the new regulation, you are permitted to use up to 50 pages from a book (maximum 25% of the whole resource). However, you may not use the same citation or another part of the book in another module unless the total is no more than 50 pages, max 25% of the whole resource.

Within a group of study programs, you can only use 50 pages from a resource. Otherwise, it counts as multiple copying, for which permission must be obtained and extra charges are applicable. If the total is no more than 50 pages of 25% of the whole resource, you have nothing to worry about.

If you would like to make use of more than 50 pages from a resource for your class or program, please contact the AIP.

Please note: acknowledgement of a source is obligatory for all citations regardless of how many pages are used.

Questions can be sent to the AIP: or to Cynthia Halfwerk: Cynthia can also be reached via 06-20915768. In addition, you can, of course, always contact your own Saxion Library account manager.

Important for lecturers: new regulations for the use of copyrighted content

Are you a lecturer and do you, for example, use texts, images, charts, diagrams or sheet music? Please take notice of what is going to change in the Easy Access scheme, to make sure you are aware of the agreements that apply to Copyright. This policy applies to your work for Saxion.

New Easy Access scheme

On Friday, February 4, 2021, the General Meeting of the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences approved the new Easy Access scheme. All parties involved have yet to sign the arrangement, but it is already (retroactively) effective from January 1, 2021.

Saxion too will work via the new rules We outline the new agreements here. Within our own, private Saxion learning environment of non-commercial education (the ELO and Teams), the following is permitted and bought off:

  • You can reuse a maximum of 50 pages, maximum 25% of the original Work.
  • The following applies for images, images, tables, diagrams and images: you are allowed to include a maximum of 50 images in a (Powerpoint) presentation. A maximum of 25 images from Original Work and a maximum of 10 Works by the same maker (author, artist, composer).
  • Concerning sheet music, you are allowed to use a maximum of 25% of the Work and a maximum of 50 pages

Do you want to use more? Then you need permission.

You have to request for permission for acquisitions that are larger. A fee is also due for this. In the past, you, as a teacher, had to ask for permission in the portal of the UvO Foundation. The new working method is still being discussed between the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences and the foundation. Should you want to make a longer takeover in the meantime? Please pass this on to the Copyright Information Point (AIP) of Saxion.

Do you have questions or do you want to report a longer takeover?

You can send an email to Saxion Bibliotheek’s AIP: or to Cynthia Halfwerk: Cynthia can also be reached via 06-20915768. In addition, you can, of course, always contact your own Saxion Library account manager.

Basic knowledge and FAQ’s

All of the basic knowledge on copyright, plagiarism, data protection, the use of images, eductional materials, the publication of your own work, data and citation styles such as APA, can be found on the site

How can we help you?

Please contact a Saxion Library copyright expert for support:

General contact address


Cynthia Halfwerk

Inge Schreurs