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Open Educational Resources (OERs) are (digital) educational resources that you can use freely. Reuse by others is also permitted. This ensures that the material can be easily adapted. It can also be shared outside the classroom. OER include teaching materials as well as complete subjects, modules, textbooks, tests, software, and other tools, materials, or techniques that enable access to knowledge.

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Saxion Library explains Open Educational Resources, supports you in finding suitable educational resources. We also check the use of copyright-protected material and ensure that it is easy to find in the catalog. catalog. If you have any questions, please contact your account manager and the AIP:

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Sarah Coombs

School of Social Work (AMM)
School of Applied Psychology and Human Resource Management (AMA)
School of Health (AGZ)
School of Education (APO)
School of Governance, Law & Urban Development (ABR&R)
School for Commerce and Entrepreneurship (SCE)

Cynthia Halfwerk

International Business School (IBS)
School of Finance & Accounting (FEM)
School of Life Science, Engineering & Design (LED)
School of Creative Technology (ACT)
School of Business, Building & Technology (BBT)
Hospitality Business School (HBS)