Powerful new search options in Saxion Library’s Catalog

Good news! Searching for information at Saxion Library just got a lot easier. Like using Google, you can now search through almost the entire collection of books, journals and online resources all at once, by entering just a single search term.

What has changed?

Previously, the library’s catalog and the online databases were all separate resources. A thorough search meant you needed to access a wide range of different databases. Now we have combined all those databases into a single service, called a Discovery service. The Discovery service is now the default setting on both the library website and the catalog.

All databases? Well, almost

We have only included the databases that contain so-called bibliographical information, meaning books, journals, research papers, theses etcetera. You still need to search for some kinds of information separately, like for instance statistical or financial data, chemical formulas, technical construction specs. But we got most of it covered! 

Of course, all database can still be accessed individually. This can be helpful if you require a more specialized way of searching. Each database offers its own set of search options that go just a bit further than a more generalized Discovery service can. Again, just like Google. 

Want even more useful tools?

Give LEAN Library a try. This plugin connects your browser to Saxion Library, offering you instant access to all library resources. How does it work? Whenever you come across a book or article that is restricted, LEAN Library checks if it is available in any of the databases and if so, it alerts you by means of a pop-up. The pop-up also includes a direct link to the database via Saxions off-campus access tool. LEAN Library works on webshops such as Amazon or Bol.com as well.

Over 2,000 Saxion students are already using this tool. Download it from our website.

For more information or support, please contact us via libraryservices@saxion.nl