Under the guidance of a studycoach from the StudySuccesCentre

When: every Tuesday from 13.00 – 15.30 (exception: during vacations and public holidays)
Where: Saxion Library Enschede
Contact: Michelle Janssen (

Studying: it comes naturally to some students , whereas other students find it quite a challenge to enjoy learning.

If the second situation sounds familiar, then the Studyplatform might be what you need.

The Studyplatform is a great place to study without much distraction, where you can ask questions as soon as you encounter issues and where you will meet students who are also discovering what works for them and what does not. It is much more fun to study together than it is alone.

Stop by some time and decide how long you want to stay and whether it works for you.

Hope to see you soon!

The Studyplatform also has a digital environment. If you want to use it online, then you can work on and develop your study skills within Blackboard, where you can access a number of themes as well as explanations, useful exercises and tips. You can submit questions through the forum. You can visit the online platform via