On LibGuides

A LibGuide is a digital format to summarize a small collection of information resources which are related to one curriculum, theme or topic. It is a list which represents, for example, resources on the emergent Chinese tourism market, containing the essential websites, videos books and articles on this subject. Resources can be grouped in sections such as "General", "Innovation" and "History". The LibGuide can be composed, shared and stored with the "MyFavourites" option on this website.
List of LibGuides

You are the expert!

At the present moment, LibGuides are being put together by Saxion Library, in cooperation with the Saxion Academies. In the near future, the guides can be compiled, shared and stored by anyone. You are the expert, so please use your knowledge to put the essential resources on one subject into your own LibGuide. Share your LibGuide with anyone who might be interested.

Help us to collect resources

Please help us to collect resources such as videos, websites and online articles, which should be part of the digital library collection. Once these sources are findable through our library website, they can be selected in the process of compiling a LibGuide. Send us your resources via the "Tip Ons"-button at

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