Last round of APA 7 workshops in English for teachers 2023/2024

APA is the most commonly used reference style at Saxion. This workshop is meant for teachers, study counsellors and other interested parties. You assess student work on content and quality. Good and correct source references according to APA are certainly an important part of this. If you want to become acquainted with APA or you wish to refresh your knowledge, this workshop is for you!

In this workshop, we will work with practical examples. You will learn to look carefully at reading lists and related sources in the text. You will be introduced to tools and manuals made available by the library. After this workshop, you will be able to assess source lists for quality and reliability. And you will be able to provide your students with the right tools.

In week 4.9 you can choose from two locations:

  • Enschede : Tuesday morning July 2 (10.15 -12.15 hrs)
  • Deventer : Thursday morning July 4 (10.15 -12.15 hrs)

The workshops will be given by two Saxion Library trainers. There is no charge for this workshop and you can sign up via Saxion Academy!