End-user services (ILL)


End-user services (ILL)

What are end-user services?
End-user services are a Saxion Library facility which allow you to search the 'Picarta' catalog for journal articles and books and request them without the aid of library staff. This service is also known as Inter Library Loan (IBL in Dutch)
What is Picarta? Picarta is the portal to the Dutch Union Catalogue and other  integrated databases containing bibliographic records, table of contents data and hyperlinks to full text and webpages. Picarta can be found directly at http://www.picarta.nl
If you are looking for sheet music, dvd's, etc. you may consult the WSF-catalog. This catalog of 13 large Dutch (public) libraries works the same way als Picarta.
What can I do as an end-user?
  1. Search for and order books and (copies of) journal articles that are not available in your own library (see: step-by-step)

    For ordering copies of journal articles (published after ca. 1992), you can look up the article of your choice in Picarta and click the "Photocopy"-button. If necessary, you can limit your search results by material selection or year of publication through the "Advanced"-button at the top of the screen.

    If you cannot find the article of your choice, or if you need an article from before 1992, you can order the article by searching for the journal title, then click on the "Photocopy"-button and fill out the necessary article information in the request field (see: step-by-step)

    Copies wil be sent directly to your address; books have to be collected from the issue desk of the Saxion Library.
  2. Create SDI requests. SDI is a service that enables you to stay informed about new books and journal articles added to the Picarta catalog. You can choose whether you want to receive a list of titles via e-mail or only a message saying that new titles have been added to the database. In both cases a hyperlink, with which you can call up the new titles directly, is included in the message.
How to become an End-user?
Registration as an end-user can be effected by opening a so-called 'IBL-account' at one of the information desks. This means that you make a minimum deposit of € 15,00.

This can be done in cash (only at the location Klooster 12), or by remitting the amount to IBAN NL78INGB0000844650 of Stadsarchief en Athenaeumbibliotheek, Deventer stating 'IBL-account' and your library card number. Students of Saxion can use their studentnumber as library card number.

Saxion staff and employees of Deventer local authorities can also register by sending an e-mail to ibl.sab@saxion.nl. End-user services are free for both groups.

After receipt of your payment you will be issued an account name/number (= your library card number) and a password.

What is the price?
Registration as an end-user is free of charge. The deposit is for settlement of costs incurred when ordering books, articles, etc.

For each order of a book or an article your account will be debited (€ 3,50 per volume, € 0,35 per photocopy, with a minimum of € 3,50 per article (1-10 p.). The SDI-signalisation is free of charge.

Should your credit run low you can top up your account in cash (at Klooster 12 only), or by remitting the required amount to account number 844650 of Stadsarchief en Athenaeumbibliotheek, Deventer stating 'IBL-account' and your library card number. Your credit will be adjusted upon receipt of the money.

Saxion staff and employees of Deventer local authorities can simply send an e-mail message to the IBL-bureau.

Practical tips and rules of for using your IBL-account.
The IBL-bureau will answer questions on incorrect deliveries. Please take care to note the order number for every order you place. With the aid of this number you can quickly get information about your order from the IBL-bureau or the information desk.

The access codes (name/number and password) you have been issued with are strictly personal. This means that you are responsible for the use of this information. If you have forgotten your password, you can get a new one from the IBL-bureau (subject to proof of ID).

In order to extend a loan, SAB needs to file a request with the library that provided the loan. Any requests for extensions should be made in good time. Please contact the lending desk (tel.: 0570-693887).

Should you wish to close your IBL-account, restitutions will be made upon a written request addressed to the IBL-bureau or the information desks.

For further information (or instructions):

e-mail: ibl.sab@saxion.nl

tel.: 0570-693531 (IBL-bureau); 0570-693713 (information desk)

Step-by-step: finding and ordering books or journal articles in PiCarta.
Start your Internet browser and go to www.picarta.nl or use the links to PiCarta on the website of Saxion Library (www.saxionbibliotheek.nl)

You are now in the Dutch welcome screen 'Welkom bij PiCarta'. You can change language to English or German in the top left or right corner.

You can type in your search terms in the search bar. If you are not logging in through the Saxion network, you must first identify yourself with your name/number and password.

A list of titles and hits that match your request will be displayed. In this list you can click on any title for a complete view of information concerning this title.

To order the book or article of your choice you click the Borrow or Photocopy button at the right of the screen. A new screen opens. In this screen, 'login to personalized services', fill in your name/number (= your library card number) and your password. Then click send.

Urgent request
: Please do not alter 'service' but leave it at normal service because fast service is much more expensive and the delivery usually is not faster.

If you are ordering a photocopy of an article, at method, check both mail and e-mail options if you want to receive the order by e-mail (if available).

Click on update and then at the bottom enter your password once again and click the send button.

When ordering a photocopy from a book, you have to give the pages (max. 50). In the Results screen you will see your order number and the adjusted balance. Please write down the order number if you have any questions concerning your order.

See also: help in PiCarta.

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